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"Strengthening Your Writing" Workbook - Level F (grade 6)

Product Number: SYW-6

This workbook series is designed to provide structured exercises and needed practice to help students produce mature, elaborated sentence structure in their writing.

New concepts are introduced at each level and are reviewed from one level to the next. This process provides for the repetition required for developing sentence structure mastery.
The workbooks intended for each grade level are:

Level A (grade 1, item SYW-1),
Level B (grade 2, item SYW-2),
Level C (grade 3, item SYW-3),
Level D (grade 4, item SYW-4),
Level E (grade 5, item SYW-5),
Level F (grade 6, item SYW-6),
Level G (grade 7, item SYW-7),
and Level H (grades 8-12, Item SYW-8).

By Level H, students have produced all of the structures of the language in many different syntactical arrangements.

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