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Course Introduction

Here you'll learn about efficient ways to improve student writing, empowering students with methods to develop dynamic sentence structure, sentence fluency, sentence variety, strong paragraphs and essays. You will find new means to improve the teaching of writing, eliminating the use of traditional jargon that turns off students and instead implementing fun writing activities and unique prompts to enrich the writing curriculum and help students write with style and depth.

In our store, you will find many classroom-tested materials designed to help teachers improve the quality of student writing: writing workbooks, posters emphasizing writing concepts, games, DVD’s, and various other educational writing materials. These all enliven the reading-writing connection and help students develop the eye of the writer. The Writing Express methods presented in this site constitute a proven, step-by-step system providing building blocks for mature expression and enhanced creativity -- this system guarantees student success, and these methods can be implemented into any writing curriculum at any grade level, supporting Common Core Standards. Visit our Products page to explore available items...

Our DVD Series Focuses on Better Writing Education!

The Writing Express DVDs support the K-12 writing curriculum. Writing Express is divided into an Overview DVD and Five Strands of Instruction. View these samples or check out our online store for more details or to buy.

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